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Les Bulles de Mer****,
your hotel on the beach in Saint-Cyprien


The soothing nature of a vacation
in Languedoc-Roussillon

An easily accessible get-away, where reconnecting with nature and well-being comes naturally. Extending languidly over a sandy lido between the Saint-Cyprien lagoon and the beach, Hotel Les Bulles de Mer offers guests an opportunity to truly relax and unwind. With the gentle lullaby of a soft breeze and the whisper of the backwash, this grand establishment is steeped in the natural calm and relaxed approach to the passing of time that is so characteristic of the Mediterranean


It is time to make the time

Let it all go, disconnect and enjoy the simple things in life, the things that matter, focus on yourself, find your bearings and your meaning in life. Stress, pressure and mental load are put to one side, just like luggage being dropped off. Let the magic of the location transport you. Cross the terrace and walk barefoot on the sand: feel how the sun’s rays have an immediate regenerating effect. The blue horizon of the sky and sea creates an entrancing and infinite spectacle, making it clear that all that matters is right here, in these pure, strong and natural sensations. And by reconnecting with the world, you become yourself again.


The rooms: havens of peace and comfort

The hotel offers rooms that have been designed as intimate spaces combining marine and natural shades with natural materials (wood, wicker, plaited rope, canvas, linen...). With a view over the lagoon or the sea, bathed in the dawn light or the setting sun, your room is a restful space that is soothing and curiously familiar... You will feel at home as soon as you open the door. At home and at peace.

Life in a beach-side hotel

Make yourself at home and move from one bubble to the next.
Linger in the “Les heures bleues” lounge and sink into one of the deep couches with a book or chat with family.
Enjoy a drink with friends, sip a cocktail or try a new spirit in the “L’Indigo” bar or even with your feet in the water
on the edge of the swimming pool. And what about beach? Head along the terrace ... And you’re there!


Maximum relaxation

The Sand Spa offers two special services: the Vital Dome and the Floating Bubble. Two ways to relax and experience soothing sensations. The Vital Dome is a "personal sauna" that promotes detox, vitality, regeneration and recovery in addition to relaxation. As for the Bulle de Flottaison, it's a true space of disconnection in which you float in warm, salty water for a sensory voyage. You can now book these activities directly online!


Les Ganivelles, the restaurant

Feeling well. Living well. Eating well.

"Locavore” cuisine, 75% organic and 100% delicious? Head beach-side to the Les Ganivelles restaurant to discover chef Pierre Bacle’s approach to cooking and to enjoy delicious seasonal products. Enjoy what’s on offer on the menu or as part of a half-board package.

A Mediterranean blue, natural green hotel

The hotel’s philosophy is combined with a “natural” and ecological approach.
Each year, the teams prepare, adapt, transform your holiday space so that it blends in better with its natural environment:
from waste recycling to solar panels, from welcome packs to electric car charging points,
from reducing plastic use to the restaurant’s preference for sustainable agriculture,
each initiative allows us to raise standards at the hotel. Because every step counts on the path to well-being for all!

on the water’s edge

To replenish and realign energies, and also to share the experience of genuinely getting back to essentials, to real sensations, with others, Hotel Les Bulles de Mer offers yoga sessions in its dedicated studio, pilates and paddleboard outings. For real rest and relaxation, the Sand Spa offers a range of treatments by Alaena (100% organic products) or Decléor: as well as a journey of the senses and natural relaxation thanks to the floatation bubble and Vital Dome (individual sauna). 


Destination Saint-Cyprien, Languedoc-Roussillon

Located close to Saint-Cyprien port, Hotel Les Bulles de Mer offers all of the benefits of this coastal resorts whilst ensuring that your vacation is free of any hustle and bustle, if that’s what you choose. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to make the most of the hotel’s 100% rest and relaxation ambiance, or join in with events in town with all the festivity and colour that entails.


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