Open from Friday 12 June to Saturday 24 October 2020 inclusive
Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018




Harmony and pleasure of life stage

Saturday, July 11, 2020

In partnership with Bruno Cuffy, hypnotherapist, mental trainer
The brain too often connects to what is negative, limiting, frightening... It is a natural protection linked to fears of self (reptilian brain). Fears are constructions of the mind. In this workshop, Bruno Cuffy gives keys, tools that will allow you to change your look and your habits to see what is good, beautiful and positive in your world.

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Holistic Detox and Wutao@ stage

Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 September 2020

Les Bulles de Mer and D.tox with love are coming together. D.tox with love creates Detox holistique and Wutao@; a long weekend dedicated to well-being and regeneration.
This is a first! Marina Audibert will initiate to the Body Art of Wutao® every evening at sunset. The Wutao® (Wu for dance or awakening, Tao the way), leads to find oneself, thanks to the primordial undulating movement of the spine and the trance of the breath, its wild nature. 

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Resourcing Stays

Disconnect from everyday life,
release tensions, regain vitality

A rejuvenation stay is first of all a unique setting in which you can fully relax and experience a return to yourself while taking care of yourself.

- Take care of your body
- Relax your mind
- Develop benevolence

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