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The hotel offers its guests 2 outdoor swimming pools, one of which is heated, and also offers yoga sessions, paddle boarding and bike hire.


Yoga and fitness

THE VINYASA FLOW YOGA, a dynamic movement sequence

THE POWER YOGA, Vinyasa yoga in addition "punchy" and sporty

YIN YOGA, postures generally held between 3 and 5 minutes in a relaxed manner

THE POSTURAL GYM, posture alignment of the body structures

THE BACK-BACK-BUTTOCK, work of muscular reinforcement toning the lower part of the body

STRETCHING, flexibility, posture and posture, stretching of the body's muscles

THE BODYSCULT, fitness technique to sculpt a toned and firm body

LE PILATES, a method of gentle gymnastics combining deep breathing and physical exercises


By reservation from Monday to Sunday, classes at 10.30am and 16pm

Yoga mats supplied. The session will take place on the beach, weather permitting

Group session: 10 €
“Non-residents”: 20 €

You have the option of a yogi breakfast, consisting of a yogi bowl (chia seeds, plant milk product, fruit) and a hot drink, after the session: 8 euros


By Aurélie Chanal, certified teacher


ZEN paddle boarding for ALL on the sea

To discover paddle boarding and rediscover your body

You gently learn to “walk on the water” at your own pace and within your physical limits

The negative ions in the sea (“very positive for your health), and the stretching and relaxing movements free your body and mind of all their tensions

Small groups of 4 people

From 8.30am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Other days on request
Equipment and lifejackets supplied.
Bring a shorty or combination wetsuit off-season


Introduction to paddle boarding  1hr, 35 euros

Zen paddle boarding: beginners or experienced  1hr30, 45 euros

Zen paddle boarding course to achieve autonomy  3 days, 120 euros

Board hire (from 7.30am, return by 11.30am, 20 euros

 Lessons by Sylvie Renart – 3 times Windsurf champion



Pilates (1hr): Saturday to Tuesday, 4pm 

Water fitness (45 min): Thursday and Sunday, 9.45am 

10 euros per session

Register 24hr in advance


Lessons by Céline Arbois – qualified teacher


Activities & equipment

Balance – Fitness – Games

. Bike hire billed at 5 euros per half-day

. Free access to the fitness room from 7.30am to 10pm (access with a pass handed over on arrival)

. Free access to the sports pitch

. Table tennis table

. Yoga / meditation mat (loaned)

. Books and board games in the “Les Heures Bleues” lounge

. Beach bats / beach football / rugby balls

. Various children’s games

. Regional walking maps

. Cycle track map

. Loan of a pair of binoculars (50€ security deposit)

. Access to the jetty on the Lagoon: depending on the size of boat (regulations at the harbourmaster’s office at Saint Cyprien port)


27-hole golf course 4 km away

The Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort is a rarity in France: a 27-hole “links” offering a sporting and technical challenge and breath-taking views. The two courses (9 and 18 holes) meander between the wilderness of a lagoon lined with reeds and the soothing atmosphere of a wood planted with pine, plane, Russian olive and eucalyptus trees.

Cote Saint-Cyprien
Cote Saint-Cyprien
Cote Saint-Cyprien

Exploring Saint Cyprien

And the “Radiant Coast”

Mediterranean. Authenticity. Nature. A stay in Saint-Cyprien is an escape to a protected environment on the shores of the Mediterranean, with its unique mix of unspoilt coastline and outstandingly beautiful hinterland.

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