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Yoga weekend or holiday at Les Bulles de Mer hotel


Anti-stress therapy

Les Bulles de Mer hotel is the ideal place to replenish your energy, take time for yourself and restore balance in your life. In a chic bohemian atmosphere that blends zen and well-being, the hotel offers many relaxing activities such as hatha yoga sessions and zen paddleboarding. There are so many ways to find inner peace and enjoy the simple pleasures of the sun and sea, the beach and the bright blue sky.


The benefits of a yoga stay
on the Mediterranean coast

Practising yoga encourages physical and mental well-being through a series of breathing exercises. By combining breathing with specific postures, the yoga student finds balance, calm and relaxation. It’s a real “anti-stress therapy” to balance your mood and help you find balance in your life. A few sessions during a yoga stay can be enough to have a real impact, and might even make you want to continue even after you’re home, in order to find harmony with your environment and surroundings.

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Yoga and the spa

To boost the benefits of a yoga stay, there’s nothing like a session at the Sand Spa in Saint-Cyprien. Les Bulles de Mer hotel has special offers that combine individual yoga classes with massage, plus a little gourmet treat from Les Ganivelles restaurant, too! Check out all the packages here!


Testimonial Monique and Fabienne,
fans of yoga holidays

The seaside is the ideal place to commune with nature that’s still a little bit wild. Les Bulles de Mer hotel in Saint-Cyprien has direct access to the beach. The natural setting is preserved and wild, which adds to the unique atmosphere. And the yoga sessions with Fanny Ros are really “revitalising”! You get some fresh air, feel the rhythm of the waves and get in tune with your body. These yoga trips are really anti-stress therapy sessions!

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