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Dtox with love, beach and bliss detox


Mediterranean weekende

29 April - 2 May

The wild beach and peaceful lagoon are an invitation to meditate and contemplate both the external world and your internal world. Dare to be adventurous, sample silence and a gentle approach to life, connect with your inner voice, take stock, become more aware and make some resolutions for this new page in your personal legend... Join us in the bohemian chic and eco friendly environment of this haven of peace on the Côte Radieuse.


On the programme...

Stimulate your senses with the chef at Restaurant Les Ganivelles, delight your palate with new flavours and learn lots of tips for alkaline, plant-based and detox cooking: green juices, regenerating smoothies, buddha bowls, raw soups, veggie rolls, germination, lacto fermentation, seed crisps and other specialities dreamed up by this young creative chef.

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Body & mind detox

D.tox with love aims to initiate you and inspire you, to do you good and to give you the keys to a happy, sustainable regeneration of your body and mind. Purification, cellular regeneration, restoring energy levels, emotional reset, morale boost, skin radiance, improved digestion, support in weight loss, strengthening the immune system and restoring youthfulness are some of the benefits of a bespoke detox retreat in a natural setting. Sabine Chaloupy, creator of D.tox with love is waiting for you to take part in this new adventure on the beach!

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Lisa Azuelos I Fabienne I Beach Detox

Information and reservation

On the Dtox with love, by phone +33(0)6 14 68 03 37 or by mail

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